Solaris Resort is a new and modernly furnished complex within the tourist offers of Vrnjačka Banja. The ambience exudes comfort, pleasure and artistic charm which won’t leave the guests indifferent. The complex offers luxury apartments and family rooms with elegant interior, a restaurant, aperitif bar, conference room, parking lot. We also offer sports and recreation facilities with indoor and outdoor pools, a tennis court, Fitness Center, exclusive Wellness Center and a Relax Zone.
A congress hall (250 seats) and children’s corner are under construction. As such, the offer is going to be unique in the region.
The complex is located in a quiet part of Vrnjacka Banja close to the main promenade. It is an ideal place for vacation and relaxation. Friendly, professional and helpful staff provides the service measured by the highest world standards.


Solaris Resort offers you various types of accommodation units in accordance with your capabilities and preferences. The Hotel capacity is 55 rooms with all conveniences and family rooms, and one penthouse suite. Suites of 41m² feature: a spacious living room, bedroom, balcony, bathroom and furnished kitchenette. Family rooms are 41m² and include: two separate bedrooms with two beds each, a balcony, bathroom, and wardrobe. Every guest has access to a free, secured parking lot under video surveillance, and with 90 parking spaces.

- Balcony 
- Wardrobe 
- Air Condition 
- LCD TV (with cable TV)
- Wireless internet
- Mini-bar
- Hairdryer
- Living room 
- Bedroom
- Bathroom
- Furnished kitchenette
- Balcony 
- TV (45 channels)
- Air Condition
- Wireless internet
- Mini-bar
- Hairdryer
-Two bedrooms
- Bathroom
- Balcony 
- Wardrobe 
- Air Condition
- Two LCD TVs (with the cable)
- Wireless internet
-mini bar
- Hairdryer
- Living room
- Two bedrooms
- Furnished kitchenette
- Two bathrooms
- Four balconies 
- Air Condition
- LCD TV (with the cable)
- Wireless internet
- Mini-bar
- Hairdryer


In the pleasant atmosphere of our restaurant we offer a variety of national and international dishes, made of specially selected fresh groceries. The restaurant has a capacity of 130-150 seats. Apart from being open for the guests of the hotel, the restaurant is also open for all those who want to experience a unique culinary delight. You can complete your relaxing and enjoyable moments with fine coffee or a rich selection of drinks in our lobby bar or on the open terrace. With the refinement of this facility, you will find out everything one can learn through food. For all guests, the restaurant is open for breakfast. The time of serving hotel breakfast is from 7.30 to 10a.m. every day.
Restaurant also features an À la Carte menu. With a carefully composed menu by our chef, you can enjoy a variety of tastes of warm and cold starters, soups and stews, as well as special orders. Choose a dish to your taste and enjoy the well chosen and superbly prepared à la carte food at our restaurant.
Solaris Resort possesses a restaurant that follows the highest standards of culinary art and also prepares top Serbian specialties. Don’t forget that health begins and is achieved on the plate.


The salt cave imitates the natural salt cave with its healing microclimate. The air is saturated with finest dry dispersed particles of rock salt. The particles in the salt cave are dispersed by a halogenerator. The concentration of the micro particles is much greater than at sea (0.5-15 mg/m3), and a microclimate of a salt mine is maintained in the salt cave.

Treatment for adults is 40 minutes, and for children 20 minutes. It helps in the treatment of allergies, asthma, bronchitis, chronic infections, common cold, skin problems as well as stress. A single salt cave treatment replaces a 4-day
stay at the seaside. 

Halotherapy is a new branch of speleotherapy, a method that is based on dosed stay in an attractively designed salt cave, which is made of natural rock salt and is used for the treatment of chronic and allergic disorders.
Refresh yourself with beneficial effects of sea salt. You don’t have to wait for summer any more. The Solaris Resort is inviting you to come and feel the intoxicating smell of the sea.


A hamam, Turkish or steam bath, is a perfect choice for relaxation after a day full of stress or simply for the detoxification of the body. Stay in a room where the air is saturated with moisture and the temperature is up to 50°C has an excellent effect on the refreshment of the body and on the skin radiance as well…


The temperature of the air is 65 °C, while humidity is 50 %. There are numerous positive effects of the sauna on the body. Along with the benefits such as the training of the cardiovascular system, positive effect on the respiratory system and skin, there is also information on the way sauna helps reduce muscle pain along with strengthening the immune system.
Having the positive effects in mind, you should follow the instructions on the use and consult with your doctor.
Don’t enter the sauna hungry or with full stomach because both conditions overstrain the bloodstream.
Never consume alcohol before a stay in the sauna.
If you are engaged in any sports activities before the sauna, please wait until your pulse returns to normal (about an hour before entering the sauna).
After the sauna avoid and sports or recreational activities since this could seriously overstrain your bloodstream.
Due to the fatigue that is felt after the treatment, go to the sauna in the evening.
In the sauna, please use as large a towel as possible and be sure to sit on it.
The sauna shouldn’t be used by people with high blood pressure or a pacemaker, heart patients, people with extremely low blood pressure, varicose veins or deep vein thrombosis, people with acute infections, pregnant women, and small children.
The Russian spa at our facility is a place for your good mood. With the time you spend here, you will forget everything that worries and burdens you. Find out why nothing else reflects the Russian soul so well.


Its relaxing properties have proved to be the best therapy in combating stress and tension. A gentle spray of aromatic steam with essential oils is automatically spread in the cabin, creating a dream atmosphere. It can be used at any age and is an excellent therapeutic and preventive tool to respiratory disorders.
Within the caldarium there is an ideal balance between the temperature of 45°C and humidity. For even more enjoyable effect, heating benches of 40°C are also designed.
We would like you to feel, at least for short, the beauty and benefits of the inner peace and relaxation during your stay. Let yourself free from all spiritual and physical tensions in the caldarium.


A place for achieving the inner peace – tepidarium (a warm room) is a room with deck chairs which are heated up to 37 to 39°C, around the body temperature. As a result, the body gives out as much heat as it receives, while the use of energy is minimal.
Blood vessels spread, blood flow improves, and the body is heated without sweating. The heat that comes from deck chairs has a very pleasant effect on the vegetative nervous system and restores the body to normal function.
Thanks to its benefitial effect on the body, it is recommended to both young and elderly. The tepidarium is the place where guests prepare for the steam bath.
Furnished with heated loungers, the tepidarium zone enhances a sense of the inner and physical peace thanks to the warmth that wraps your body during rest. The pleasant temperature releases the body from any tension.


The Finnish sauna is a traditional way of sweating in order to maintain good health, which has been practiced for years not only in Finland and other north countries but also all over the world. A sauna is a wooden room with benches where the air enters through a furnace filled with heated granite stones. The air in the sauna is hot and dry. The temperature of the air is between 85 and 88°C (at the bottom of the room it is about 40°C, and on the top it reaches up to 100°C), whereas humidity is from 10 to 30 %. A stay in the sauna, in the optimal duration of 8 to 15 minutes, if followed by a cooling phase under a cold shower or swimming in the pool with cold water. The cycle of the hot air and cold water treatment can be repeated up to 3 times in a day. In order to achieve the best results, going to the sauna three times a week is recommended.


Within the Relax zone, we offer you the opportunity to strengthen and refresh your body with the most valuable natural
elixir – massage. In the perfectly furnished relax room and tepidarium, you will experience complete relaxation of the body and mind. Various types of massage relieve many problems in the body and have an extremely beneficial effect on the muscle tone – both of the face and body. Massage packages represent special offers for all our guests. Pleasant sounds of music and the smell of aromatic candles add to the complete enjoyment in the Relax zone.
The Relax zone is specially designed to make guests feel totally relaxed simply by entering the room.
During the treatment, treat your body to a wide selection of refreshing drinks as well, which are a part of the offer of the Relax zone.
The Relax promotes the overall development of the body maintaining its shape, and serves to prevent fatigue and muscle tension. Guests are offered special treatments such as: peeling massage, anti-cellulite massage, volcanic stone massage…



The Solaris Resort also offers a wide range of sports and recreational activities for all the guests who want an active vacation. The complex features: an outdoor pool with a bar, indoor pool, tennis court, fitness center…
The Fitness Center is furnished with the latest devices and equipment for sports and recreation. Various programs (yoga, pilates, gym) are aimed at all groups of guests and are conducted under the supervision of a professional trainer. The space is multifunctionally organized and ideal for all daily sports and recreational activities. Choose the form of recreation that suits you best with the help of the trainer. Our Fitness Center is the best place for you to stay fit and fill yourself up with energy during your vacation.


The Solaris Resort got one more additional facility. It is an outdoor pool with a bar in the water. For complete rest and enjoyment, there are also specially designed attractive reed parasols. With a large selection of drinks and cocktails at our bar, and while expecting the next summer tourist season, we are looking forward to your visit.
The dimensions of the pool are 14m x 10m, the average depth 1.40m, the temperature 29°C. Apart from the reed parasols, deck chairs and canopies, there is also an outdoor Jacuzzi for two by the pool.


An indoor saltwater pool is also at guests’ disposal. Ideally designed, with pleasant water temperature of 29°C, the pool provides an opportunity for complete relaxation throughout the year. We are sure that you will relax and spend unforgettable moments of fun right here.
The dimensions of the pool are 11m x 4m, the average depth 1.60m, the temperature of the water 29°C. The pool is filled with sea water.