9. Brigade 37B

The inn La Belle Époque is located at the very edge of the park Čair, which covers an area of 16.4 hectares in the center of Niš.
The entire complex of the Park Čair consists of two parts- one is a large green area, while the second part consists of sport and recreational facilities (sports hall, 20m, fitness center, 20m, new modern football stadium, 70m, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, 100; rink, 100; tennis courts, 150; playground for children).
All rooms at the inn La Belle Époque are air-conditioned and have flat screen TVs, free use of wireless internet and cable channels, video surveillance, public free parking. Within the shelter, there is a cafe La Belle Époque, decorated in the style of the Paris cafes.
There are several pizzerias, cafés, restaurants and fast food shops near the lodging.
The inn is only a few minutes walk to the city center and all major attractions and landmarks.
The inn comprises with single, double rooms (possibility of an extra bed) and triple rooms.
All rooms have their own bathroom comfortably equipped with all the necessary sanitation and hygiene supplies.
The shared terrace overlooks the green areas of Čair .

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