Knez Mihailova Street is the favorite city promenade and lies in between Terazije Square and Kalemegdan. It is the main meeting point, easy reachable from every part of the city. As epicenter of the culture and history, Knez Mihailova was named one of the most beautiful pedestrian streets in Eastern Europe.

During Roman rule, Knez Mihailova was the centre of Singidunum (Latin name for Belgrade) and later under the Turks, it was a street within the fortress walls. By the end of the 19th century winding streets with gardens, fountains and mosques disappeared, however emerged a new street 'colored' with European spirit. In 1870 street was officially named after Serbian Prince Mihailo Obrenović.
Somewhere until 1950s, most of the Knez Mihailova Street belonged to a couple of very rich Belgrade families. However, during communist rule those family buildings were taken away by the state. These representative buildings, dating from the second half of the 19th century, are easily recognizable by sumptuous facades, decorated with colorful flowers during summer.
In mid-20th century, Knez Mihailova was the place for young to meet and flirt, but today it is cultural and commercial centre.

Due to its big historical and cultural value, street is under protection of the state. Although its original look didn't changed, purpose of buildings certainly did. Instead of residential buildings, you will find branded stores, cultural centers, bookstores, restaurants, cafes and offices of airline companies.
At the beginning of Knez Mihailova stands restaurant Vapiano and a a little bit further you will find the most important building, Serbian Academy of Science and Art (SANU). Ground floor of SANU is transformed in huge exhibition space where concerts and exhibitions are held regularly. If you pay attention, you will notice a pyramid standing in front of the building. This pyramid shows coordinates of Belgrade and celebrates science at the same time. At the very end of Knez Mihailova stands City Library that used to be known as Serbian Crown Hotel, the most modern hotel in Belgrade in the mid 19th century.
Besides these buildings, French, Spanish and German cultural centers, and Zepter Museum are also located in Knez Mihailova.
In vicinity of the street lie National Theater and National Museum, cinemas, and many hotels and hostels.

Until couple of years ago, Knez Mihailova was the main shopping zone of the city. Although now Belgradians predominantly spend their money in shopping malls, there is something special about shopping in Knez Mihailova. While strolling down the street you can visit shops of famous brands