House of the National Assembly, better known as the Federal or Republic Parliament, had unpleasant role to represent all failed states that came one after another. After almost four decades of planning, Parliament was finally built in 1936. The name 'federal' is inherited from the time of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, which was the first user of the building. After disintegration of Yugoslavia, our state changed its name three times, and so did the Parliament. During the 90s, this building was symbol of instability and bad ideology. In 2006, the cycle of wandering was concluded and Parliament officially became the House of the National Assembly of Republic of Serbia.

Parliament stands today not only as a House of Assembly, but also as a monument of culture since the most famous architects, designers and artist of their time took part in design of Parliament. Special attentions should be paid to the sculpture 'Play of Black Horses' of renowned Serbian sculpture Toma Rosandić that stands in front of the Parliament entrance.


Parliament building was considered to be cursed because it was built on a Roman graveyard. Even more, somebody made up that the building of Parliament was delayed due to a prophecy that King Aleksandar Karadjordjević will be killed upon its completion. The king indeed was killed, but two years before it was finished.