Kru�edol is a�Serb Orthodox�monastery�on the�Fru�ka Gora�mountain in the northern�Serbia, in the province of�Vojvodina.� Monastery was founded by the Despot �or�e Brankovi� (Monk Maxim) and his mother Angelina (the wife of the blind Stefan Brankovi�). It is considered that the building of the monastery started about 1509. The monastery was partly built about 1513. with the great help of Russian grand duke Vasili Ivanovich and the Vlach duke Jovan Njagoja Basaraba. It was built on the property of a famous Jak�i� family.

At the time of death of Maxim Brankovi� (1516) the monastery wasn't finished yet. During his life he proclaimed Kru�edol monastery as the seat of the rebuilt Diocese of Srem, and he decided to be buried here. He had already placed the relics of his father, the blind Stefan Brankovi�, and his brother despot Jovan Brankovi�. It was obvious that Maxim had an attention to establish the mausoleum of Brankovi� family. After the death of Bishop Maxim, his mothe Angelina passed away in Sretenje Monastery in Kru�edol village. Later, her body was carried into the mausoleum of Brankovi� Lavra.

The works on the monastery continued. The year 1546 is considered to be the year when monastery is finally finished. The columns that support the central dome were painted in 1543. The nine icons of Deizis were done in 1546 and it is the year when works on the Iconostasis started. There are still many questions about the artists who did the works there. The great cross of the iconostasis is covered by painting in 1653. The iconostasis icons of Christ, Mother of God, St. John, the Annunciation and the royal gate were painted in 1749. and the four icons from the lower zone are from 19th century.

During 1716 the Turks attacked and burnt the monastery. They didn't burn the monastery only but the relics were cut in pieces , thrown around and burnt as well.

In 1726 a new tall baroque belfry was built. It was the first belfry in Srem with the lighthouse on top, and it is interesting that it is detached from the church and is leaned against the palaces.

During 1750 the church was painted again over the old paintings from 1543. The Altar, Dome and Choir were painted in 1756. This is the first oil painting in Vojvodina.

In Kru�edol, the Serbian Pantheon of the Tzar's Lavra, many influenced persons are buried. Besides Brankovi�, whose relics were partially destroyed by the Turk, Princess Ljubica (wife of Prince Milo� Obrenovi�), King Milan (1882-1889) and the Serbian Patriarchs Arsenije �arnojevi� (1674-1690), and Arsenije IV Jovanovi� �akabenta (1726-1737) were later buried in the church.

The monastery church is dedicated to Annunciation of the Theotokos.